When Hate Comes to Town

It is a late afternoon and a crowd mostly made up of Tea Party members are standing outside a community center protesting against a meeting that Muslims from their community are having, shouting all sorts of degrading remarks about Islam, Muslims and the beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw). What was surprising about this event was that…

Video: Protest Against Deborah Pauly at the Villa Park City Council Meeting

Contributor Jenny Lynn covers the protests at the Villa Park City Council where Deborah Pauley spoke at. Deborah Pauley is also recently known as one of the speakers at the Yorba Linda protest outside the ICNA fundraiser this February. There, she mentioned she has a son in the Marines and said “I know quite a few Marines who would be happy to help these terrorists to a, uh, early meeting in paradise.”

Muslims Running for Office

All over the United States Muslims are becoming more engaged in the American political process. Many have begun to run for elected offices and many are winning too. Such Muslims include a New Jersey mayor, state representatives in North Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa, Maryland and Missouri as well as congressmen in Minnesota and Indiana. Chicago’s…

Exclusive Interview with Filmmaker Justin Mashouf on “Spring Movements”

SoCal filmmaker and creator of “Warring Factions,” Justin Mashouf, talks to Al-Talib about his latest work on the freedom movements in the Middle East. “Spring Movements” was released today and in Mashouf’s words, is “an ode to movements striving to reclaim their dignity and sovereignty from their keepers.” Check out his other works at MASHOUF.tv.…

A Small Rewrite

Amir Abdel Malik Ali’s new pledge of allegiance at the 2011 MSA West Conference caused quite a stir. Not only did it receive the routine, incendiary criticism from the usual suspects outside of the Muslim community, it caused many Muslims, including myself, to raise their eyebrows in concern.